The Cattail Lodge Boarding Experience

The Cattail Lodge at Rivermist allows our feline guests to relax in their own quiet quarters, away from their more boisterous canine counterparts. Each cat is given a private enclosure, with a dedicated litter box and a soft bed to curl up in. If you have more than one feline friend and would like them to stay together, just let us know. Rivermist Pet Lodge is conveniently located in Brinklow, MD and our cat boarding customers come from the entire area including Silver Spring, Columbia, and Olney.

Every cat lover knows that cats have distinct personalities. Our pet care team takes time to get to know each of our cat boarding guests individually, and provides them with the care and attention they respond to best. Add on our Kitty Comfort package to make your cat’s stay even more purrfect!

Cat boarding facilities at Cattail Lodge include lots of love!









Electric air purifiers and climate control provide pets with year-round comfort, and our pet care professionals clean and disinfect all rooms twice daily.

To help keep our cat boarding facilities clean and pest-free (and to avoid the loss of personal items), we do not allow pets to bring items from home. We will provide your cat with comfortable bedding, clean bowls for food and water, and an assortment of toys for your pet’s enjoyment.