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5 Ways To Entertain Your Cat


Cats are fantastic pets who love their owners and will do anything for attention. Most cats love to play around, explore, and are generally very curious. If you have an indoor cat, it might get bored sometimes, no matter how many toys you get for them. Keeping your furry friend happy and entertained is essential since a bored cat may not be the happiest. 


You may perform many entertaining activities with your indoor cats to improve your bond. Your indoor kitty will never be bored if you follow these recommendations. In this article, we will learn some ways to entertain your cat.


Play With Them

Take your cat outside if you can spare an hour or two. If not, spend at least an hour daily with your cat. It's essential to keep your cat exercised, and playing would also help with their desire to explore the outside world. Make sure that your cat gets to play outside from time or time or, at the very least, gets some exercise daily through indoor games. 


Fun and Creative Feeding

Most cats get bored if you leave them alone with a food bowl. Get creative! Give them extra incentives to search for their food. Maybe set up a food hunting game for them, drop small pieces of their dry food, or hide cat treats in various areas around the house. You can also use cardboard or plastic to make a maze for your cat with food hidden in between. Your cat will enjoy the hunt and spend hours playing around with it. 


Set Up Hiding Spots

When a cat finds a good hiding spot, they feel safe and more comfortable than being out in the open. It's no wonder why cats enjoy finding spots in our homes that conceal their location – they can nap in peace and dream about catching the mouse instead of being the mouse. 


You don't have to spend hundreds in buying them hideouts. Find anything you can: old cardboard boxes, food boxes, flower vases, anything that's safe and big enough for your cat will make a good hideout. 


Give Them More Toys to Play With

Cats are naturally curious and love exploring new things. Make sure to change their toys now and then. Or get creative! Make them a new toy. Invent a new game that you and your cat could play. 


Make Your Cat a Scratching Post 

You should get at least one scratching post to keep your cats amused. Cats enjoy scratching and find it pleasant, in addition to sharpening their claws.


You can engage in various additional activities and games with your cat. You might even try teaching them new cat tricks, such as how to high five. You'll be shocked at how inventive you and your cat can be. Whichever way you may choose to entertain your pet, the essential thing is that you provide your cat with activities that will keep them happy, healthy, and content. 


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